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  • The ECOMINI-GREENHOUSE is designed and assembled in Gatineau by the Eco des Champs farm team. Our mission is to provide citizens, young and old, with   healthy products, without pesticides or chemical fertilizers, grown with respect for the environment.


    The ECOMINI-GREENHOUSE makes it possible to:

    - Learn about agriculture and an economic and sustainable way of life;

    - Promote contact with nature and develop environmental awareness;

    - Become aware of the origin of food;

    - Discover the good taste of healthy food and proudly reap the fruits of your involvement 



    - 1 reusable mini-greenhouse of 12 cells

    - 1 bag of organic peat

    - 1 bag of organic fertilizer

    - 3 sachets of organic seeds  (each sachet contains a minimum of  5 seeds per variety to maximize planting success)

    - 3 reusable identification tags

    - 1 colorful and adapted instruction guide

    - 1 reusable organic cotton bag

    ECO minigreenhouse

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