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Changing the world, one vegetable at a time

Since 2019,  Eco des champs produces a variety of vegetables on permanent beds using
techniques such as surface covering and intensive cultivation so as to limit mechanical tillage.

Our mission is to offer a variety of healthy market garden products while respecting sustainable agriculture. Our hives and our bees also promote biodiversity.

The Éco des champs offers a small poultry farm (eggs and capon) carried out in optimal housing and food conditions.


Our local farm is dynamic in the community and develops agriculture on a human scale thanks to these community and educational components.



Having been born in the fall of 2019 and officially in operation since July 2020,  the farm has huge community support

since its opening.

The success of Éco des champs is largely attributable to word of mouth generated by satisfied customers.


Our customers share a strong sense of solidarity, a desire to buy local and a strong interest in eco-responsible and healthy food.  

The Éco des champs farm is proud to hire local residents and to share the fruits of responsible agriculture with the community through food redistribution to various non-profit organizations in the region.


At the Eco des Champs farm,

you will feel like at home.


A welcome  warm

and passionate partners await you.

Come and discover the beauties that nature offers us and the pleasure of sharing them in an environment that respects its biodiversity.

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