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Sapin de Noël de rue

Natural Fir

Choosing a natural Christmas tree, already cut and available in a bucolic environment where you can also visit our animals, offers a pleasant experience while having a positive environmental impact:

Choisir un arbre de Noël


 November 15 until sold out 

Variant prices

depending on the sizes 

($60 to $80 taxes included)

Baby admiring a Christmas tree


Natural trees are biodegradable, while plastic trees contribute to plastic pollution.

Carbon footprint

Natural fir trees absorb CO2, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Plastic trees require more energy than natural trees to manufacture.

Recycling and local support

Natural fir trees can be recycled or composted, reducing non-recyclable waste.

Purchasing natural fir trees supports local farmers and promotes sustainable forest management.

Happy young family

Tips for caring for your Natural Fir

To prolong the beauty of your natural Christmas tree and enjoy it to the fullest throughout the holiday season, here are some simple tips:


Keep the tree stand filled with water to prevent it from drying out. It can absorb up to a liter of water per day.

Suitable location

 Place your tree away from heat sources such as radiators and fireplaces to avoid drying out.

Watch out for the sun

Remove dead needles
Buy a Christmas tree

Remove falling needles regularly to keep your tree clean.

Responsible recycling

Once the holidays are over, recycle your tree by turning it into wood chips or compost to reduce waste.

Avoid placing your natural tree in direct sunlight, as this can accelerate drying.

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